Trade Negotiations & Public Policy

At Altitude 7, we know that trade negotiations are complex and can be daunting for even the most experienced of companies, which is why we do them for you. We will identify international customers, suppliers, strategic partners, and then negotiate everything from contract terms and deliverables to production and execution.

Our clients have experienced first hand the benefits of special Free Trade and Enterprise Zones. That is why positively reshaping and enhancing both foreign and domestic public policies to help foster trade and innovation is another way Altitude 7 works to create opportunities for clients. Our diverse team of industry experts work in conjunctions with our experts in sales, marketing, public relations, market research, international law, trade finance, and government affairs. Our Advisory Board includes members of Congress, business leaders, foreign leaders, and military personnel.

Don't finalize any international opportunities without first reviewing it with Altitude 7. Historically we have saved clients from entering into deals with second tier partners, saving clients unnecessary pain and millions of dollars.

Contact us for a complimentary review of your international opportunity.