Panama Trade

Located in Central America, Panama is one of the fastest growing economies in this region. Panama is the second most competitive economy in Latin America according to the Global Competitiveness Index from the World Economic Forum in 2010. With the recent Trade Promotion Agreement (Free Trade Agreement) between Panama and the United States, there are even more opportunities for trade with this great country.

  • Panama is the hub of the Americas and the gateway for trade and distribution.
  • Panama is a key artery and the second largest free trade zone in the world.
  • The U.S. Dollar is their local currency.
  • The country has a very modern infrastructure and a legal system that protects intellectual property rights.
  • They are technologically advanced, with an unmatched Internet connectivity.
  • Panama has a stable constitutional government that fosters an innovative, business friendly environment coupled with a legal system that protects intellectual property rights.
  • Panama is blessed with an abundance of natural resources and natural drinking water.
  • Panama's proximity is only 2.5 to 6 hours in flight from Florida, Texas or California.

Here are some videos that highlight the incredible infrastructure projects in Panama. Thank you to the Panama Canal Authority (Autoridad del Canal de Panamá) and Gobierno Nacional Republica de Panamá for providing some videos.