Sales & Marketing: Government & Private Sector

Beyond opening new sales channels to the private sector, we have a proven track record with both domestic and international government sales. 

Our Strategic Government Sales and Marketing Team is dedicated to increasing Federal Government business for our clients. We utilize our contacts and experience to deliver government customers and frequently the funding required to close federal government sales.

We assess your business and product offerings to determine the best way to leverage existing federal funding opportunities. We act as a liaison between your company, the Government agency, the Legislators, and the Lobbyists, bringing together the interests of all parties and helping you to grow your Federal Government sales channel.

The Altitude 7 becomes your Government Sales Team, taking your products and services to market as if they are our own. We provide experienced consultants with a proven track record in Government sales. We accomplish this via the following programs:

  • Congressional Budget Appropriations
  • Research and Development Grants
  • Programs of Record
  • Favorable Legislation Changes
  • Expediting the GSA Process
  • Foreign Military Sales

Altitude 7 is committed to achieving significant results for our clients. Although constantly increasing, here are a few examples of what our clients are enjoying.

  • Over $8 million in Congressional Appropriation funding
  • $1 million in Research and Development funding
  • Foreign Military Sales contracts to Nigerian Navy
  • GSA Listings and GSA Sales in excess of $7 million
  • Strategic product branding and repositioning to secure new sales contracts
  • Legislative policy modifications to provide favorable changes to procurement practices by the Coast Guard resulting in new sales contracts

 Contact us to learn what domestic and international government opportunities are available for your company.