About Altitude 7 Group

Altitude 7 - anticipating needs, delivering results.

A7 is your Strategic Business Development Team, taking your products and services to market as if they are our own. We provide an experienced and diverse team with a proven track record in startups, series A and B financing, and successful exits.

A7 is always focused on measurable results, working tirelessly to increase revenues for our clients.  We are well connected, informed, persuasive, and experienced.  Our connections and reputation in the business community certainly helps as we often participate in social events, host cocktail parties and sponsor dinners which allow us to interact with politicians, investors, and other business owners in a less formal atmosphere.  Networking is the name of the game in our business, where people are hired as much for who they know as what they know.

A7’s key to success is our focus on the client. We maximize the opportunities for our client by working on several strategies concurrently, serving both short and long term objectives. We develop a strategic plan that outlines A7’s deliverables and timelines. A7 then works with our client to execute the strategy.

We facilitate international trade and foreign direct investments for medium-sized companies in the U.S. that are currently doing business internationally or exploring international opportunities. Our areas of focus include Latin America, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, with key emphasis on Brazil, Panama and Vietnam.

Looking for a trusted partner in the Americas? A7 is proud to represent foreign national clients looking to penetrate the US, Canadian, Mexican, and Latin American markets. A7 provides the market research, strategy and manpower you need to effectively grow your business and enhance your bottom line.

At Altitude 7, our diverse team of industry experts work in conjunctions with our experts in sales, marketing, public relations, market research, international law, trade finance, and government affairs. Our Advisory Board includes members of Congress, business leaders, foreign leaders, and military personnel.

We are uniquely positioned to help your company grow. When you work with us, it doesn’t have to be who you know... it is who Altitude 7 knows.