A7 is your Strategic Business Development Team, taking your products and services to market as if they are our own. We provide an experienced and diverse team with a proven track record in startups, series A and B financing, and successful exits.

A7 is always focused on measurable results, working tirelessly to increase revenues for our clients. We are well connected, informed, persuasive, and experienced.

Simply put, we are experts in both domesitic and international sales.

Looking for a trusted partner in the Americas? A7 is proud to represent foreign national clients looking to penetrate the US, Canadian, Mexican, and Latin American markets. A7 provides the market research, strategy and manpower you need to effectively grow your business and enhance your bottom line.

Our experienced team has a proven track record in the international arena making Altitude 7 a smart choice when it comes to Trade Negotiations, Foreign Direct Investments, Consulting, Sales & Marketing, Venture Funding, and Foundation Management.

A7’s key to success is our focus on the client. We maximize the opportunities for our client by working on several strategies concurrently, serving both short and long term objectives. We develop a strategic plan that outlines A7’s deliverables and timelines. A7 then works with our client to execute the strategy.

  • Trade Negotiations - We will identify international customers, suppliers, strategic partners, and then negotiate everything from contract terms and deliverables to production and execution.
  • Special Trade Delegations - To provide a first hand look at international opportunities, we lead exclusive trade missions and special VIP delegations throughout the world to meet face to face with business and government leaders.
  • Consulting - We make your life easier with mission critical services from marketing research and analysis to project management and government affairs. We even handle real estate site locations for offices and can oversee operations. In short, we are about getting you results and enhancing your bottom line.
  • Sales & Marketing: Government & Private Sector - We assess your business and product offerings to determine the best way to leverage domestic and foreign federal funding opportunities. We open new strategic sales channels while minimizing risk and expenses and maximizing profits.
  • Venture Funding - We understand traditional capital markets are challenging. We successfully leverage our relationships to deliver seed capital, venture capital, private equity and financing for early stage and growth companies.
  • Foundation ManagementWe assist organizations, family offices and high net worth individuals to give back globally through their foundations or strategic partnerships. Our philanthropic experts build your foundation (or partnerships), plan operations, staffing, public relations, marketing, fundraising, and other initiatives. We are here to ensure your vision for giving is effective and become a legacy.